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Take the Slow Train

For whatever reason, issues for which people ask my help seem to come in clusters.  Sometimes I’ll have a handful of dogs struggling with OCD issues

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Positive Begets Positive

The term “positive training” has a couple meanings, and it’s worth understanding the nuances. Most people understand it first in the sense that “positive” suggests “desirable,”

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Dominant – NOT!

“He thinks he’s alpha.” “We have to establish the dog’s rank in our family.” Let me persuade you what scientists have known for a while

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Building Better Behavior

Here are two keys for helping your best friend be a well-behaved member of the family – management and exercise. Management – One of the most important behavior strategies

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Pretty Tricky

Want to have a better-trained best friend? Want to have more fun with your dog? (Duh!) Here’s a big step in the right direction –

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Puppy Two-Step

Life with dogs is an adventure – that we share our lives so successfully with another species is amazing. Like any relationship, friendship with a

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Multi-pet Households

Bob was on WGLT last month with Laura Kennedy to talk about multi-pet households. Click here to hear their interview. Bob Ryder, CSAT, PMCT-4, CPDT-KA

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Good Manners

Bob recently talked with Laura Kennedy on WGLT Radio’s “Animal House” segment about good dog manners. The podcast of the interview is below. Next, you

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dog and cat cuddling

Cats and Dogs

Bob was on WGLT with Laura Kennedy last week, talking about dogs and cats living together in peace and harmony. You can listen to their

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How Dogs Learn

Bob will be on WGLT later this week with Laura Kennedy for another segment on “Animal House.” This time he’ll be talking about “How Dogs

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