Life is so difficult when
dogs are scared to be alone

We Specialize in Separation Anxiety Training for Dogs

Our state-of-the-art “alone-time” training gently teaches your dog to relax while you’re away

Dog training for separation anxiety and separation-related problems is our specialty – working with us you’ll get the benefit of our exclusive focus on those issues. Our methods are based on the science of classical conditioning, using gentle desensitization to help your dog become comfortable when left alone. 


Signs of Separation Anxiety:

  • Destruction, especially at exit points
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Accidents in the house; vomiting
  • Anxiety when you get ready to leave
  • Pacing, trembling, panting, drooling

relaxed Lab sleeping

Yes! Your dog can learn to relax at home alone

Having a dog who is comfortable and calm while you are gone is life changing!

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Our Trainer


“I specialize in separation anxiety training, and look forward to helping you get your life back.”

– Bob Ryder, CSAT, PMCT-2, CPDT-KA


What our clients say...

Bob is a DREAM to work with! The amount of care, attentiveness, and skill was beyond what we could have hoped for. I recommend Bob to anyone whose dog has separation anxiety.
Happy smiling gray and white dog.
Rebecca May Meltz
New York, NY
We could only leave Newton alone for a few seconds - after a month of training can leave him alone for an hour. We are dedicated to continuing his training. Thank you Bob!
Dog lying on couch
Ashley Rayfield
Chicago, IL
It is not an exaggeration to say that Bob gave us our life back. We now have two dogs who can be left home alone peacefully for several hours.
Two lab mix dogs lying in the grass
Kim and Marty Barman
Normal, IL

Let us help you get your life back!

Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer
Peaceable Paws Certified Trainer
Shock-free Coalition
Proud Member Pet Professionals Guild
Pet Industry Advocacy International
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