Bob is a Victoria Stilwell Academy Faculty Advisor

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Earlier this year, Bob became a faculty advisor for the esteemed Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Academy.

What is the Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Academy (VSA)?

Victoria Stilwell, a world-renowned dog trainer and behavior expert, promotes positive reinforcement training methods. She founded the Victoria Stilwell Academy (VSA) with a mission to educate and empower dog trainers to use science-based, humane training methods to improve the lives of dogs and their families.

VSA provides aspiring dog trainers a high-quality education through a variety of online and in-person courses. Its excellent curriculum facilitates human/pet relationships based on mutual trust and understanding, and encourages ongoing advancement through collaboration and learning.

What role will Bob play as a faculty advisor?

Every student in the online course is assigned a Faculty Advisor with whom they meet virtually during the course. Bob will answer questions about the curriculum and oversee skill assessments via videoconference during office hours. Through his work, he will help build a foundation of future positive reinforcement trainers.

If you are interested in becoming a dog trainer, we highly recommend the Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Academy!

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