To the Dogs – 1

This series of blog entries features excerpts from letters to dogs I’ve trained, explaining some of the ideas I shared with their families during sessions in their homes.  Names were changed to protect the innocent.

Tux – After session 1… 

Hello Tux –

Congratulations on the really nice work you’re doing with your new mom! If my training friends knew I have a client who started a training log all on her own, they’d be very jealous.

Please tell your mom a few things to help her along in your training…

First, keep up the good sense of humor. Training is pretty simple to understand, but not always so easy to do. If she can laugh at mistakes, it will ward of frustration for both of you. Nothing makes training go better than having fun at it. You dogs have the idea already, as puppies you play to learn the important things you’ll need later in life. Nice!

Next, take your time. Keep sessions short enough so that you both look forward to the next one. It’s better to go a little slower and get your technique right for cues, timing and delivering treats than to hurry and practice sloppy habits.

Finally, remind her to make it easy for you to be right. Have mom keep the games simple enough that you can earn the reward almost every time. This not only makes learning feel great, it prevents frustration and confusion, too.

Keep up the good work, and be nice to the cats. It’s as hard for them to get used to you as it is for you to get used to them!

See you next week –


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