Bob Ryder, CSAT, PMCT-4, CPDT-KA

What is it like to live with a dog who has separation anxiety?

These are among some of the most common indicators a dog may have separation anxiety. Your dog is having a panic attack because they are scared to be alone. It’s a phobia – much like humans who experience a fear of heights, snakes, or spiders. Like any version of fear or anxiety, a dog has no control over it. Dogs who experience separation anxiety become extremely distressed when they’re alone and even when they anticipate being left alone.

How can we help?

An online consultation with a qualified separation anxiety trainer can help confirm it. During the appointment, we gather information about your dog, and do a live assessment while you leave your dog alone. We use Zoom or your home cameras to watch your dog after you leave. Much like putting together a puzzle, we look at all the pieces to determine what is going on. If it is separation anxiety, we customize a training plan to help your dog learn to feel safe and relaxed when home alone. If it’s not separation anxiety, we suggest some other training options to help your dog.

The most important things to know is there is hope for dogs with separation anxiety, and I can help. Dog training for separation anxiety is my specialty – working with me you’ll get the benefit of my exclusive focus on those issues. Using gentle desensitization we’ll help your dog learn to feel safe and calm when home alone.