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The no-hassle dog training option

We make dog training simple. How? We can train your dog for you—in your home and neighborhood, where it counts the most—when you are at work or busy elsewhere. Think of it this way …  You could repair your own car. You could teach your kids to play the piano. You can also hire a professional to do it for you. Dog training is no different. Training a dog quickly and effectively takes experience, technical skill, and in-depth knowledge of canine behavior. So if you would like your dog’s behavior to improve quickly without all of the time and effort, then we can help with a 3 or 4 week “day training” program.

The “coaching” option

Would you prefer to work more directly with your dog? We would be delighted to teach you through one of our “coaching” packages. After the initial consultation, we come to your home every week (or every other week – the schedule depends on you) and work with you and your best friend, demonstrating and “coaching” you on the basics so that you can learn the fundamentals to do the training yourself.

dog jumping for ballWho We Are

Pawsitive Transformations offers training for dogs of all ages. We can help with good manners (obedience) training, and solving behavior problems of all kinds—from the merely frustrating (leash-pulling, jumping) to the distressing (aggression, fear).

We serve Bloomington and Normal, IL, and surrounding areas.

Thinking about getting a dog? Check out “Starting off on the Right Paw.”

To find out how we can help you get a better-behaved dog, call (309) 451-8348 or email us.


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